1st & BVIS GILBERT'S Ch Scaramis Gettin'Hot Hot (imp Fin)

This dog really impressed me, 12 years old, hat off to him and his owner for excellent condition both coat and muscle wise, I must say his muscle tone was better then many of the youngsters. Strong and masculine, with a lovely forechest, exellent top line for age, excellent croup and tail, strong hindquarters. He moves with attitude and spring, really a pleasure to watch him.


2nd. CULLEN'S Ch Syrdarya Toffy Pop at Eweyisska

Lovely type, masculine head, exclellent expression with almond shaped dark eyes, ex lay back of shoulder and return of upper arm, ex bones, top line and tail. Lovely coat texture. On the move he shows a bit of lack in muscle tone and a bit lazy, even though he has a sound easy and balanced movement.




1st.BPD & RBPIS. GARDNER'S Saxonmill Majic Me Danwish

Big strong boy, with strong bones and head. Nice shape of eyes, slightly light. He's very raw now, will need time to fill up his high legs. Very square,ex balanced angles, ex front, ex topline and croup with a lovely long tail. Excellent muscle tone. On the move he's balanced and sound, tail carriage still a bit unsure sometimes. He has all needed, just need time to develop.




1st NEWTON'S Shimalma Jagermeister

Cream dog of excellent type. Lovely head and expression, dark almond eyes. Ex neck into shoulder, good chest for age, he needs time to fill up and a bit skinny today, will benefit with more muscle tone. Excellent top line, croup and tail. Ex body proportions, ex coat texture. Sound mover when settled.




1st. GARDNER'S Saxonmill Majic Me Danwish


2nd WOOD'S Pretty Bay Black Panther

Masculine head, eyes slightly round, ok neck, good bones, needs more forechest. Excellent fit body. Nice square shape, ex proportions, good topline and croup, tail could be better. Woolly coat, ok movement, will improve with some training.




1st DRAGE'S Shimalma Drambuie

Nice type, lovely head, almond eyes, good front and chest, ex neck into shoulder, level top line excellent body proportions, good croup and lovely long tail. Needs to settle a bit coming and going, easy and sound side movement, ex coat texture.


2nd. HARWOOD'S Krishan Rainbow Warrior

Nice domino male, lovely head and expression, dark eyes. Good neck into shoulder, upper arm could be a bit more under. Chest needs to develop, ex topline and croup, ex tail. Short square body, ex coat texture. He was not happy to move around the ring on the day, but the steps he did were nice and sound, he could have a good attitude if trained properly.





1st. SHAW'S Seoidin The Peacock (imp Ireland)

Masculine gold dog, good head, a bit open eyes, His expression was so alive and alert, loved it! Ex front and neck into shoulder, excellent square shape and body proportions, with a perfect hard topline and croup, tail could be better. Well balanced angles. Ex muscle tone. Very balanced on the move, great attitude. An eyecatcher indeed.


2nd MOYES'S Bryelis Rebel Heart

Really my cup of tea! Excellent type all over, excellent head with strong underjaw, exc dark almond eyes, ex neck which follows perfectly into strong shoulder, good bones, ex forechest, strong topline, ex croup and long tail, strong hindquarters and low hocks. He covers a lot of ground on the move, with powerfull long steps, unfortunately he decided to keep his tail down on the day and didn't show any attitude at all, which was really a shame for such a beautifull Afghan, I would also suggest a better grooming.



1st. & RBD REED'S Cloudside Sunstrike

Lovely masculine dog, almond dark eyes with deep expression, good neck into shoulder, he could benefit with better muscular tone, ex top line croup and tail. Ex body proportions, his shape is square and houndy, which I love. Great coat texture. His movement shows his perfectly balanced construction without any exageration, extremely sound and clean, covering a lot of ground without effort, he carries himself proudly.



1st.BD.RBIS & BOS BLOOR'S Pashtari Lord Byron

Again a dog wich could be one of mine, ex type, strong masculine head with ex underjaw, almond dark eyes, ex strong neck smooth into shoulder, ex return of upper arm, ex forechest. Ok topline, I really think that a better muscular tone could improve it. Very well balanced front and rear angles. Ex croup and lovely long tail. Excellent body proportion, shape is very houndy. Very clean coming and going, powerful mover from the side, his balanced construction is all shown on an easy springy gait.




1st. BIS. BPIS. BB. BPB. DOWD'S Saxonmill Mirror Image

It was love at first sight. Excellent breed type, both physically and mentally, which is very important to me. Active and alert puppy, with lovely head, dark almond eyes, strong underjaw. Excellent neck set, strong front assembly with good chest and forechest, excellent top line, excellent body proportions, with a correct croup and prominent hipbones, well balanced angles. Long ringed tail, low hocks, perfect coat pattern. On the move she didnt put one step wrong. Wide side gait, she carried herself with pride around the ring, almost perfect coming and going.


2nd. STEELE'S Calamus war of The Worlds at Threadgold

Good size, ok head well chiseled with dark almond eyes, not enough underjaw, good front, strong body. Too long in body with short legs, an afghan is born to run and legs are absolutely important in a fit for function dog. Nice tail, happy temperament, too woolly coat, hopefully it will improve with age. Nice moving around.







1st KIRK-VICKERS Geordale Time To Shine At Istani

Lovely head and expression, will benefit with a bit more underjaw. Ok front assembly, excellent square proportions, excellent strong topline, croup and tail. She's well angulated front and rear. Strong low hocks, muscle tone was perfect. She has a lovely coat pattern, very clean coming and going, wide side movment with spring and attitude.



1st GILBERT'S Altside Hot as Hell at Affietar

Nice head shape, slightly wide skull, a bit round eyes, strong underjaw, feminine expression. Strong neck, very well settled in her shoulders, good front, ex forechest. She's a bit low on leg, but short body. Very well balanced angles front and rear. Strong topline, good croup, excellent tail. Lot of coat but good pattern. Excellent muscle tone. On the move she's very clean coming and going, wide side movement with typical spring and a lot of attitude


2nd MITCHELL-THORNTON Absolute Afghan's India At Karnak Naf Taf

Lovely type, head and expression, very feminine. Ex strong neck which settles smoothly into shoulders, ex forechest, very well balanced angles. She's slightly long in body and low in leg, strong top line, a bit round croup. Ex tail, ex coat pattern. She will benefit with more exercise, but she's very clean coming and going and has a lovely side gait, with a lot of spring and good attitude.



1st HUDSON Shimalma Izarra

Lovely type, good head and expression, very feminine. Light bones. She needs a bit more weight and muscles. Balanced angles, square proportions, hard top line, ex croup, straight tail. Lovely temperament, moves ok.



1st KIRK- VICKERS Calamus Dirty Dancing At Istani

Ex type, good head, nice strong neck, excellent front and forechest. A bit too fat on the day, well angulated front and rear, in good balance, square and houndy, good topline and croup, her tail is well ringed but carried a bit too much on her back. Moves well coming and going, on the side she shows attiude and pride.


2nd HUDSON El Roalito Little Silver Feather

Elegant domino bitch, feminine head. Good neck into shoulder, she needs more forechest. Excellent top line and croup, good tail, excellent coat pattern. She's a bit long in body, she moves well.



1st BASTOW'S Cloudside Muinera To Karandikar

Excellent type, lovely head and expression, dark eyes. Very feminine with deep afghan look.Excellent neck well settled into shoulers, excellent chest and forechest. Well angulated front and rear, would benefit a bit more muscle tone. Strong top line, excellent croup and tail. On the move shes clean coming and going, altrhough she moves very well from the side I wish she could have more attitude on the day.



Ast & RBB CULLEN Cloudside Sevillana at Ewwyisska

Gorgeous long head of excellent type, dark almond eyes. Excellent neck settled smoothly into shoulders, nice well under front, ex chest and forechest. Short body, very houndy, very well angulated front and rear. Strong top line with excellent croup and tail. Excellent coat texture and pattern. Moves clean coming and going, very nice balanced mover from the side, with good reach and drive and good attitude.


2nd RHODES Shadowfax Threepenny Opera

Lovely atractive head, good underjaw, exc dark almond eyes, nicely chiseled. Strong neck settled smoothly into shoulders, exc chest and forechest, well under front. She's slightly long in body top line could be firmer, exc croup and tail. Exc coat pattern. Very nice to look at her on the move, with a lovely springy movement.


Judge: Agnese Della Rocca Way Up .