Yorkshire Afghan Hound Society

7 April 2018


Thank you to the society for inviting me to judge at their show.Beautifully well run and friendly committee made the day a very enjoyable experience.


Very pleased to say that there were good mouths all round, dark eyes and no bad temperaments on show, couple require a little more ringcraft but they are young and have years ahead in the ring.Thank you to all exhibiters for your entry and for accepting my decisions.


Veteran Dog or Bitch (1,0)


1.       McPhailís Pashtari The Priest of Love, 8 yr old blk msk gold, shows none of his age on the move, happy disposition, lovely dark eye and expression, good shoulder assembly, deep chest, balanced rear angles, prominent hipbones, low hocks and ringed tail finished off the look.Moved well with drive and very much enjoying his day. BVIS


Minor Puppy Dog (2,2)


Puppy Dog (1,0)


1.       Reedís Cloudside Sunstrike, 9 month old brindle, exhuberant boy on the move and led handler a merry dance, as the day progressed he calmed down and showed what he is capable of.Very raw at this age, needs to tighten up in the rear.Good head and expression, lots to like about him, balanced on the stack, little leggy at this stage but that will soon settle in one so young, would like to see him as he matures.†† BPD and RBPIS


Junior Dog (1,0)


1.       Gorman & Latimerís Affietar Glen Shiel at Zharook,17 month blk msk gold, very well presented, have seen him go a lot better outside, the hall today made him unsettled and reluctant to raise his tail, likely would have pushed higher in honours if had been outside.Masculine head with good expression, good shoulder assembly with good return of upper arm, prominent hipbones, strong loin with good rear angles, shown in good hard condition.


Yearling Dog (1,0)


1.       Gorman & Latimerís Affietar Glen Shiel at Zharook


Maiden Dog (1,0)


1.       ReedísCloudside Sunstrike


Novice Dog (0,0)


Graduate Dog (5, 1)


1.       Bloorís Pashtari Lord Byron, blk & tan, good head with dark eye, level topline, balanced on the stack with good angles fore and aft, low hocks, ring tail, won this class with his easy free movement in all directions.

2.       Gorman & Latimerís Affietar Glen Shiel at Zharook

3.       Cullenís Khamis Aequitas at Eweyisska


Post Graduate (2,0)


1.       Drageís Gilari Rosso Corsa, slf msk red, this boy has an old expression in his masculine head, dark eye, strong neck into well laid shoulders with good return of upper arm, correct feet, deep chest with plenty of heart room, strong loin with prominent hip bones, good length of second thigh and low hocks, this boy is like a coiled spring on the move hampered today by the small ring.Beautifully presented and sympatheticallyhandled. Very pleased to award him RBD.


2.       Gorman & Latimerís Affietar Glen Shiel at Zharook


Limit Dog (1,0)


1.       Gorman & Latimerís Affietar Glen Shiel at Zharook


Open Dog (5, 2)


1.       Cullenís Syrdarya Toffy Pop at Eweyisska, brindle boy of nice type, dark masculine head with strong neck into good shoulder assembly with corresponding return of upper arm, correct feet, sloping pasterns, deep chest with good heart room.Level topline and strong loin.Good rear angles with good length of second thigh, nicely muscled, well presented, ring tail.Another that would benefit from a larger ring outside but did enough to win the class and take BD and BOS unlucky to meet the girls in such good form.

2.       Smithís Bondor Kubla Khan, brindle boy, slightly taller than 1, nice shoulder placement with deep chest, level topline with strong loin, good rear angles into low hocks and moved well just lack a little ooph and side movement that 1 had, had the ring been outside this result could have swapped.†††††††

3.       Bloorís Pashtari Prussian Officer


Minor Puppy Bitch (4,1)


What a lovely class of baby girls, all enjoying their day.


1.       Sangheraís Tulak Driving Miss Daisy to Sitana, 6 month shd msk cream, well balanced on the stack, confident little girl with good front assembly balanced by good rear angles.Headed this class due to her steadiness on the move. Very well presented in a good coat for one so young, definitely one that I will watch with interest , hope that she does well as she grows up and matures.Fell in love with her on sight and just couldnít get past her awarding her BPB and BPIS

2.       Raperís Tulak Just Go With It for Amariz, 6 month old blk msk red, litter sister to 1, many similar attributes, little less accommodating for her handler at this stage.Still requires a little ringcraft to fulfil her potential. Another that should do well in the future.

3.       Vowles Neytiri De Koulanger With Azmari.


Puppy Bitch (3,0)


1.       Thompsonís Cloudside Sunflower, 9 month self masked gold, very feminine with dark eye and a far away expression, balanced throughout, very together on the move for one so young, with lovely light movement that was effortless. Will go far!

2.       Raperís Tulak Just Go With It for Amariz

3.       Gunnís Katanga Knikis Dream Knight


Junior Bitch (2,1)


1.       Waggett & Wilkinsonís Saxonmill Kiss Bang Bang Clenagh, 17 month blk & tan, very feminine with dark eyes , striking markings, would love to see her in a bigger ring outside, as the day went on she kept moving and moving and never put a foot wrong. Held topline on the move and on the stack. Very nicely put together with good balance fore and aft.Unlucky to meet some of the other girls today.


Yearling Bitch (2,0)


1.       Lockett-Daviesí Rhazmakh Tyme ĎNí Tyde JW, 21 month brindle, lovely shape, dark eye with feminine head, would like a little more body to her, prominent hipbones, moved well, just preferred her overall balance over 2.On another day these two could easily swap places.

2.       Waggett & Wilkinsonís Saxonmill Kiss Bang Bang Clenagh


Maiden Bitch (2, 0)


1.       Thompsonís Cloudside Sunflower

2.       Gunnís Katanga Knikis Dream Knight,blk & tan, dark eyes peeping out from profuse puppy whiskers, unhappy in hall, but settled and became happier on the move more as time went on.


Novice Bitch (1,0)


1.       Thompsonís Cloudside Sunflower


Graduate Bitch (2,0)


1.       Bloorís Pashtari Lady Cavendish JW,litter sisterto Graduate Dog 1, judged this girl before but she was reluctant to let me close on that occasion,this time she was far more obliging and I wasnít disappointed in what I felt.Very feminine bitch with expression of looking at me with disgust. Balanced with good shoulder placement, strong loin, good rear quarters.Considered for top honours.

2.       Waggett & Wilkinsonís Saxonmill Kiss Bang Bang Clenagh


Post Graduate Bitch (3, 2)


1.       Waggett & Wilkinsonís Saxonmill Kiss Bang Bang Clenagh


Limit Bitch (1,0)


1.       Waggett & Wilkinsonís Saxonmill Kiss Bang Bang Clenagh


Open Bitch (4, 1)


1.       Lockett-Daviesí Bondor A Golden Age Over Rhazmakh ShCM, stunning brindle bitch heading the strongest class of the day, with the most difficult of decisions.Very classy girl that took my eye on entering the ring, with dark eye and feminine head into well laid shoulders and good upper arm, deep chest, correct feet, good balance throughout, complimentary rear angles, moved with drive even in a small ring. Shown in good hard condition very worthyBB & BIS

2.       OíDonnellís Khamis Passion For Stripes at Javidan ShCM, another stunning brindle bitch that just didnít want to give that extra 5% on the move to take the class.Stunning on the stack, shown in good hard condition with an immaculate coat, this girl gives you the most dirty look from those dark eyes, yet feminine expression.Good shoulder placement into sloping pasterns and correct feet.Deep chest, level topline, strong loin into sweeping quarters, completed by ringed tail.Loved her just didnít give that final umph but couldnít be denied RBB and RBIS

3.       Waggettís Just For You De Koulangar At Clanagh JW (Imp Fr.)



Kate Broadhead, Tazieff Afghan Hounds