Yorkshire Afghan Hound Society

Special Award Classes 1.4.23


Puppy (3, 0)

Three very nice puppies all at different stages of development.

1. Prayma Keep Your Eyes On Me (Imp Fin)

Very well developed, balanced gold bitch. Pretty head and good bite, her neck flows smoothly into her shoulder and she had the best return of upper arm of the three.  On the move she maintained her strong topline and moved with a light springy gait.

2. Altside Hot Shot At Arushkhan

The youngest in the class. She has a lovely outline and moved extremely well, especially in front. A little soft in topline on the move at the moment, but standing was very impressive.

3. Zendushkas Born To Run

I would love to see this elegant young man in a couple of years, when he has filled out his frame.


Post Grad (4, 2 abs)

1. Shimalma Jagermeister

Mature gold dog. Masculine head, good neck and return of upper arm. He moved with a strong powerful stride which was a delight to watch.

2. Geordele Time To Shine at Istani

Black and tan bitch who presents a nice outline when standing. She was not as positive as the dog on the move.


Open (2)

1. Neytiri De Koulanger with Azmari

Really liked this gold bitch who looked good from any angle. She was carrying too much weight, but scored on side action using her strong quarters to power around the ring.

2. Garamond Cloudberry for Tokando

Beautifully presented 10 year old black dog who is a credit to his owners. Standing he looked a picture, but was out moved by 1st.

Mary Sanders Parker (Judge)