Yorkshire Afghan Hound Society Championship show – 24.07.2021 bitches

Thank you to the YAHS for inviting me to judge bitches as a replacement judge for Mrs Joanne Buehler, who was unable to make the appointment due to travel restrictions. I hope she gets a chance to judge in the UK in the very near future. My sincere appreciation goes to all exhibitors who showed their beautiful Afghans under me and, with a couple of notable exceptions, gracefully accepted my decisions on the day.

 It was wonderful to see such a large puppy bitch class full of delightful youngsters, I was spoilt for choice in this class. The entry was very mixed in terms of both type and quality. Overall I found a worrying number that lacked sufficient spring of rib, and had little or no fallaway with high set tails.

Veteran bitch (4, 2a) 1. Gray’s Ch Alouann Glitz N Glamour Avec Algrahart, BVIS 8 year old brindle bitch beautifully presented, in superb condition and muscle tone. Elegant head with dark eye, good spring of rib. Presented a balanced outline standing and has that desired style of high order on the move holding her topline at all times. A worthy champion. 2. Gleed’s Tamariki Fire In The Sky Black masked gold bitch with a most beautiful head and expression. Good front assembly and well sprung ribs, longer in loin that winner. She was not as enthusiastic on the move today.

 Puppy bitch (8, 1a) 1. Gunn & Cannon’s Karagez Kartina Maslom At Zushkhan (imp Rus) BPB & RPBIS This naughty but nice black & tan baby was having such a good time playing up her handler. She settled after a timely change of handler and I could go over her to appreciate her many qualities. Pleasing head with good dark eye, strong bone, good front assembly, exellent spring of rib. Once settled she moved with long powerful strides holding her topline. A clear winner today. 2. Kirk-Vickers’ Geordela Time To Shine At Istani Different type to winner and not as strong throughout but has plenty of time to mature. A well build young lady with a perfect low set ringed tail, balanced front and rear angulation. Sound and steady on the move.

 Junior bitch (2, 1a) 1. Gilbert’s Altside Hot As Hell At Affietar Very stylish oyster brindle who has that arrogant attitude about her. Good head and eye shape, strong neck into good front, well bodied for her age with a deep chest. Big feet, very well muscled, level topline and ringed tail completes the picture. Moved with desired spring in her step and good reach. Huge junior coat was groomed to perfection. Should have a bright future.

Yearling bitch (1) 1. Lancashire, O’Donnell and Lancashire’s Syrdarya Ceylon Chait Drishaun Self masked pale gold that is well build throughout. Present a balanced picture both standing and on the move. She has the most beautiful chiselled head, eye and expression. Long neck into well set shoulders, deep chest, large feet, strong loin and level topline. Shown in excellent muscle tone, but lacked the enthusiasm and sparkle on the move today.

 Maiden bitch (3, 1a) 1. Lancashire, O’Donnell and Lancashire’s Syrdarya Ceylon Chait Drishaun 2. Kirk-Vickers’ Geordela Time To Shine At Istani

Novice bitch (2, 1a) 1. Lancashire, O’Donnell and Lancashire’s Syrdarya Ceylon Chait Drishaun

Undergraduate bitch (1) 1. Kirk-Vickers’ Calamus Dirty Dancing At Istani CJW11 Black masked gold houndy bitch. Attractive head, sufficient front and rear angulation, adequate spring of rib. She was reluctant to show off her qualities on the move.

 Graduate bitch (3) 1. Hedge’s Unstoppable Happy Go Lucky (imp Sw) Black & brindle bitch hidden under a big of coat. Strong body, dark eye, large feet, sound front and powerful hindquarter. She tends to dip her topline when standing but really came into her own on the move powering around the ring with good reach and drive, and spring and lightness in her step. Perfect ring tail to complete the picture 2. Phillips & Smith’s Karagez Curtan Call Zhaqqari (imp Rus) Immaculately presented and superbly handled solid black bitch, refined long head, dark eye, sweeping and well angulated hindquarter. Very stylish mover but would prefer more purpose and power.

Post Graduate bitch (4) 1. Nisbet & Forrester’s Pramya Hot But Not Blond At Finix (imp Fin) JW, CC & RBIS This feminine black & cream of correct size is a real pleasure to go over. Your hands glide over her balanced body - from long neck into well laid back shoulders, long sloping upper arm, deep chest and with a good ribcage, strong straight loin, excellent tailset and powerful balanced rear angulation with well bend stifles and low hocks. She did not disappoint on the move and floated around the ring covering the ground with smooth effortless steps. I could easily take her home. 2. Millward’s Calahorra Moonlite N Dreams of Tico At Alouann (imp Aus) This quality brindle was unlucky to meet the winner and was a strong contender for the RCC. She has an arrogant attitude and moves with a style of high order holding her head high and topline level. Well build throughout, good spring of rib and depth of chest, balanced front and rear angulation, she still has some maturing to do to fill her frame. Well presented silky coat. Shown in excellent muscle tone.

Limit bitch (9, 5a) 1. Nisbet & Forrester’s Zandahar Xclusively For Finix JW, RCC Strong black & tan bitch, balanced without exaggeration. Excellent head and eye shape with an arrogant expression and strong underjaw. Good front with well laid back shoulder, deep chest, well sprung ribs, level topline, short loin, well angulated hindquarters. Balanced purposeful mover who covered the ground with ease. 2. O’Donnell & O’Donnell’s Drishaun Faith Is Like A Lily For Javidan JW Beautifully presented feminine brindle bitch of good substance and proportions. Has so many desired breed qualities from her chiselled head, long strong neck, clean shoulders, long upper arm, deep chest, strong loin, good fallaway and tail set. Presented a beautiful outline when stacked, but felt she did not move her best today

Open bitch (9) 1. McDonald, McQuade & Hindley’s Nightwind What A Girl At Birkhall (imp Ger) ShCM Self masked gold won this class on her overall balance, excellent construction and ground covering easy movement. Sadly she did not sparkle in the challenge. Very well build throughout, with a most beautiful feminine head and eye, long neck into textbook front assembly. Carrying a little to weight on the day. Moved around the ring with ground covering elastic steps. 2. Link’s Int Ch Ned Popov’s Bora Bora at Orashan JW My surprise of the day, this black masked gold girl is so good to go over. Excellent front assembly with laid back shoulders and good return of upper arm, deep chest and excellent spring of rib, strong topline and powerful well angulated hindquarters. Rather exuberant on the move and clearly enjoying her day out, when settled into her stride she covers the ground with smooth powerful gait. Another one that I I would prefer to see carrying less weight. Beautiful silky coat and saddle