28th JULY 2018.



My thanks to the committee for their kind invitation and for their wonderful hospitality. Thanks too go to my most efficient stewards Lianne O'Donnell and Rachel Wray. I admit that I was disappointed in my paper entry not so much for myself as for the Society who always put on a great show for their members and the exhibitors. The YAHS is the first afghan club to hold their championship show back to back with a general breeds championship show and their innovation is to be congratulated..Today Leeds provided two excellent rings in their in/out tents and as it was very hot this was greatly appreciated. As creatures of habit perhaps we missed the garden party atmosphere of previous years however the committee's attention to detail was second to none. The society also took part in the JCF programme and as I had a student judge in the ring I thank the exhibitors for their co- operation. Whilst not a big entry I had some quality bitches before me and I thank their owners for giving me the privilege of judging them today .


Best In Show. When it came to the top honours of the day my co judge, Dave Roper and I agreed on all the placings. We awarded Best in Show to the newly crowned Thendara Fait Accompli. A handsome solid black male shown in excellent bloom .Reserve Best in Show & Best Opposite sex went to Zhivias Nyght Silhouette also solid black and, as with the male, her presentation was stunning. They complimented each other perfectly. Best Puppy in Show went to Neptune de Koulangar at Sulahmara ( imp) a typey gold lad who I can see having plenty of fun in the forth coming shows. Best Veteran, went to the bitch Bichoux Bellita at Thendara saying her farewells to the show ring in great style.


Veteran Bitch. 4 entries. 1 abs.

1st. Milligan-Bott & Bott's Bichoux Bellita at Thendara. Quality 10 year old brindle lady. Not showing her age proving how our breed can last. She has a typical head with dark eye and deep jaw. Her overall balance is good and her top line is level. Shown in immaculate coat and body condition, super fit she sails round the ring. Proving her worth in the nursery her sons here today - half brothers -both won their classes with T. Fait Accompli gaining his title. I understand this was her last show. Marking her retirement with a well deserved Best Veteran in Show.

2nd. Bastow's Karandikar My Serenade. Bl/Tan, rising 9 yrs. I loved this lady's type and outlook. While she couldn't quite match the first on movement she was close up. Very sound in all departments and so fit. Loved her head and overall balance. Her coat presented to the last hair gleamed in the sun.

3rd. Metcalfe's Ch Cubanba Northern Star JW. Cream/brindle lady who has always represented the breed well. Now 10 plus she is just starting to slow down a bit. A balanced hound she is presented in excellent coat and in great body condition. A trio of quality ladies all enjoying the day out.


Minor Puppy Bitch. 1 entry.

1st. Gilchrist & Maclennan's Taejon Winx at Khawari.Aus. ( imp).This gold puppy has a pleasing head with dark eye. She is leggy- which is good. Her feet are big and she managed not to trip over them. She has a pleasing overall shape with good angulation and correct fallaway. Her ring tail added the finishing touch. .Moved well for a baby.


Puppy Bitch. 6 entries. 1 abs.

1st. Taejon Winx at Khawari Aus. ( imp)

2nd. McCormack's Tulak Never Been Kissed. Cream girl built on slightly heavier lines though still feminine in head. She has a dark eye and deep jaw. Good overall body shape with big feet and ring tail . She too moved well.

3rd. Raper's Tulak Just Go Wth It for Amariz. Gold litter sister to 2nd and will swop places. She is sound all through with a feminine head. Big feet again. Nicely angulated. Not so collected as the first 2 today.. Three promising young girls.


Junior Bitch. 2 entries. 1 abs.

1st. Thompson's Cloudside Sunflower. Assured self masked cream with feminine head enhanced by chizelling and dark eye.. Her jaw is deep. She has a super overall shape with great angulation, fore and aft. Shown in tip top condition she is well muscled and her coat is glossy. She holds her top line on the stack and on the move. She stands over plenty of ground and she holds her head proudly She has an easy and light gait and is a delight to watch. She really is a lovely bitch. I don't usually go down to Junior for the higher placings but today she could not be denied the Reserve CC. She has as a great future and I wish her well.


Yearling Bitch. 4 entries. 1 abs.

1st. Parker's Saxonmill Jean Genie at Khatira JW. Black & cream girl of l known type. She has a feminine head with dark eye. She has a good shoulder set and her overall body shape is pleasing. Her feet are big. A flashy bitch she is presented in excellent bloom and coat . She moves well covers the ground in easy strides.

2nd. Gizewska's Saxonmill Zan Zan. Black and cream litter sister to 1st. Very similar to 1st in most departments . She has a type look about her and her body shape echoes her sister's. She has an easy stride and holds her top line. Today I felt that her handler over handled her head- taking it backward which unbalanced her head carriage and front. Will swop with her sister at times.

3rd. Shaw & Holmes' Affietar Glen Morar. This gold girl completed a trio of promising bitches. She has a feminine head and is proud of her beard. A balanced bitch with great quarters. She has a heavy coat with contrasting dark saddle . Excellent presentation..Very fit but today a tad distracted on the move.


Novice Bitch. 5 entries. 1 abs.

1st. Tulak Never Been Kissed.

2nd. Tulak Just Go With It For Amariz.

3rd. Sanghera's Tulak Driving Miss Daisy to Sitatna. Cream girl, at this stage slightly heavier all through than her litter sisters. Her heavy coat is well presented.. She moves with a long stride.


Graduate Bitch. 3 entries. 1 abs.

1st. Lockett-Davies's Rhazmakh Tyme 'N' Tyde JW. Tiger brindle of good size and shape. Typical head with great beard. Dark eye and keen expression. She has a level top line which she keeps at all times and good fall away. Her feet are big. She moves with an easy stride. Her coat a tad fly away today.

2nd. James' s Gilari Vermillion Venus JW. Gold with typical head.. Overall a pleasing body shape and good angulation. Excellent presentation, her coat is gleaming and silky. Shown fit though today she tended to dip her top line at times.


Post Graduate Bitch. 7 entries. 4 abs.

1st. Cross' s Gilari Crimson Magic. Gold showing of distinct kennel type. She has a feminine head with chizelling and dark eye. Lovely, balanced, overall shape completed with ring tail. Her presentation is faultless. She moves with an easy stride.

2nd Scott & West's Arushkhan Sent From Heaven. Shaded masked cream/silver in lovely bloom. Her head is long and her eye dark. Nicely balanced all through she is fit and her presentation spot on. She moves with an easy stride and she has prominent monkey bones really great to see.

3rd. Heritage's Jazzmeenah Ice Blonde.. Shaded pale gold with feminine head and dark eye. Shown fit and presented well. Body shape is pleasing but for me she is a tad short on the leg .


Mid Limit Bitch. 4 entries.

1st. Bastow's Cloudside Flashlight at Karandikar JW. Love this girl's type. Black and silver with feminine head, dark eye and excellent ear set. Overall she has a very pleasing shape with correct angulation.,her feet are big. Her silky coat gleamed and she is fit. Moved with ease. She took my eye for type movement and presentation and she was in the final 3 for top honours.

2nd.Thompson's Drishaun Black Rose at Gothika JW Black and cream girl with typical head and deep jaw. Super beard. Sound al through she is shown in tip top condition fit and with silky coat. Moves with an easy stride.

3rd. Newton's Shimalma Midnight Liaison. Brindle of many shades. She has a feminine head and she too boasts a super beard. Holds her head well and her neck is clean. Her feet are big. Her shape is pleasing however today she tended to dip her back at times and was a tad sluggish on the move.


Limit Bitch. 7 entries. 3 abs.

1st. Barley & Franklin-Barley's Zhivias Nyght Silhouette. This quality black girl has been hiding for far too long. Very lightly shown she is now showing what she is capable of. Her head is feminine and she has a keen expression. Her body shape impresses with no jars or bumps. She has excellent quarters, a good fallawy and ring tail. She plants her feet well down and holds herself with dignity. She is graceful yet powerful on the move, and when given her head she 'flys'. Her silky coat is presented to the last hair and she is fit. Today she could not be denied and it was my pleasure to award her the CC. I wish her well may her crowning CC come along soon..

2nd. Barber,Henry & Sampson's Tianze Melt My Heart at Normarand ( ai) (imp).Shaded masked gold who was presented to the last hair. She has a feminine head with dark eye and deep jaw. She holds her head proudly on strong neck. Her feet are big. Her body proportions are pleasing and she has excellent quarters. She moves with ease.

3rd. Gilchrist & Maclennan's Sumakandi Into The Light At Khawari JW. Gold bitch of slightly heavier build. She has a proud stance and is eye catching . Uses her quarters well and has power in her stride. Excellent presentation.


Open Bitch. 6 entries. 1 abs.

1st. Greenfield & Race's Calahorra From The Viennawoods ( imp). Shaded black and tan girl who I happen to love and admire. She is so houndy and primitive and she has a will of her own as she was to demonstrate. She has a lovely shape to head and dark, expressive eye. She has matured in body since I last saw her when I awarded her the Res CC and she is still super fit, and lean .Not a lot of coat and I like that in a hound of her type. Today she was away with the fairies. She calmed enough just- to take this hotly contested class but didn't care a hoot in the challenge.

2nd. De Haviland & Brookes' Alouann Diamonds N Pearls with Purplequeen. Shaded brindle. I have always loved this girl since she was a raw baby and have watched her develop into a stunning bitch. Her head is feminine and she has a keen expression. Great overall body shape and proportions. She moves with a combination of power and elegance and her presentation is second to none.

3rd. Hitch & Barley's Ch. Zhivias Sunrise Surprise Of Zendushkas. shaded, ultra feminine gold bitch of quality. She is mega fit and her coat is groomed to perfection. Super body proportions and angulation and ring tail. She moves with elegance and style. She is a true Champion and worthy of her many awards. Her breeders must be so proud of both her and her sister who are both top drawer bitches.