Yorkshire Afghan Hound Ch Show, Bitches. 28th July.2019, Judge  Monica C Fairburn               A joy to judge bitches at the Yorkshire Afghan Hound Clubs special Ruby Anniversary Ch show. Thankyou to the exhibitors for the lovely quality entry causing me to make many tough decisions. We seem to have quite a few large bitches in the ring at the moment, some would have made very good dogs ! Sadly true ring tails were hard to find.Presentation on the whole was very good. no mean feat as part of the show was in deep mud.       VB.Hitches Ch Zendushkas Sparkling Rose  11 year old B/S  bitch that I have admired before  and have a fondness  for having travelled up through the classes  alongside her with one of my own dogs.. Lovely head and eye, sound in body and movement, good angles front and rear, correct fall away and tail set, shown in beautiful condition for her age, a credit to her owner and a worthy champion.       MPB  Downs S`s Super star to Zorba specially for you   Pretty 6 months B/gold puppy, still a raw baby but shows much promise , has all the essentials required at this age plus a lovely head and  eye, loved her monkey whiskers, enjoying herself on the move.     PB (5)  Nisbet and Forresters  Pramya Hot But Not Blonde at Finix  Lovely B/Silver who caught my eye for her  correct shape and balance of outline ,Has good body and substance yet retaining her femininity  with a nice head and correct dark eye, well angulated front and rear, good ribbing and depth for a youngster, well set on ring tail. Moved well with excellent side gait BPB and BPIS.  2 Rhodes and Shaverneva`s  Shadowfax Treepenny Opera  Another quality 11 month old puppy, blue/cream domino with the most lovely head and eye and pigmentation. Very pleasing to go over with much to like about her, showed glimpses of good movement but she decided it was more fun to play the clown today. 2 puppies with a bright future . 3 Mackenzie`s  Villisilkin Alicia of Eilthir.     JB (7)  1 O`Donnell and O`Donnells  Drishaun Faith is Like a Lilly for  Javidan Beautiful feminine  brindle ,13 months, loved her size and shape,refined head,dark eye, good reach of neck into well angulated front,nice depth to chest, firm topline and sweeping quarters. with high pin bones and correct fallaway. Moved and showed well, my take home dog of the day  2 Lancashire and O`Donnells  Drishaun Don`t Gild the Lilly, Attractive self masked gold. Litter sister to above with many of her qualities, most lovely head and dark eye and hard to fault when going over her,moved well and true. 3 Drishaun Consider the Lilly..   YB (7) 1 Drishaun Don`t Gild the Lilly, 2 Nisbet and Forresters  Zandahar xclusively for Finix  nice B/T who was 4th in the J class but really came into her own here as more settled and moved well, very sound  to go over  with lots to admire,another quality youngster .who pushed  the winner hard 3 Humphreys  Joneca Eternal Flame .        NB (6) 1 Pramya Hot But Not Blonde at Finix 2 Shadowfax Treepenny Opera, 3  Willmers  Shadowfax Rosankovalier.   GB  (3) 1 Lancashire and O`Donnells Drishaun Consider the Lilly,Attractive brindle, another sister from this very good litter with similar quality, perhaps a shade longer in loin to my eye, has a lovely head and good reach of neck, pleasing angulation front and rear, moved and showed well. 2 Lancashire and O`Donnells Drishaun  Say she Aint Gazon  feminine blue/cream domino of slightly heavier build, lovely head,dark eye and good pigment, long reach of neck ,balanced  in outline ,firm topline, well muscled up as were all the dogs from this kennel, moved well, very little to choose between these two. Perhaps one just appealed to me more in type but both very nice bitches .   PGB  (7)  1 Edwards Valkor Velora  striking brindle ,good head and expression  and reach of neck, has the angles front and rear to please,deep chest and firm topline,sweeping quarters, no shrinking Violet this girl, very powerful  on the move covering a lot of ground, true coming and going. 2 Gill and Marshalls Miamarna  Viva La Vida  Just loved everthing about this lovely B/S  from the tip of her  beautiful head to her ring tail, overall conformation was excellent  and just my type, shown in good condition  and nicely presented, just not moving as well as one.. 3 Wagget and Wilkinsons  Saxonmill Kiss Bang Bang Clenagh..     MLB (6)  1  Harding and Cowley`s  Khasbek Licence to win at Ashahni  Classy B masked gold, a little taller than I would like but  still very feminine with a good balanced head,nice outline when stacked ,good substance, well ribbed up and deep chest,firm topline  and sweeping quarters, moved well with reach and drive and true coming and going.. 2 Gizewska`s  Saxonmill  Zan Zan  B/S bitch who caught my eye for her lovely head and overall  elegance . Pleasing picture on the stack with balance and houndy outline.. Good angulation front and rear enabling her to move well with springy strides. Just preferred  substance  and width of one.  3 James  Gilari  Vermillian Venus .     LB  Outstanding class of quality (12) 1 Halls Saxonmill  Mirror Mirror, Beautiful B/S, my star of the day. Ultra feminine with a lovely head, balanced with correct dark eye, long neck and well  angulated front and rear , good topline, deep chest and sweeping quarters, low hocks,  high pin bones and good fallaway to ring tail. Moved well with a style of high order and very sound coming and going, she owned the ring, B CC and BIS  2 Moon and Fillis Moons  Maringo Drop Dead Gorgeous  , another lovely B/S , good head with balance and dark eye, long neck into a text book front with good return of upper arm, Nice width and depth to chest, sweeping quarters , looked good both on the stack and on the move, very sound, unfortunate to meet the above in such good form  Res CC  3  Moores Cloudside Flashpast making up a trio of lovely bitches.   OB   1 Bastows CH Cloudside Flashlight  at Karandikar  outstanding B/S bitch who caught my eye immediately,so good to go over,Lovely head and eye , long neck leading into a good front with deep chest, firm topline, good bend of stifle, high pin bones and  correct fallaway to ring tail,moved well and soundly in her class but sadly went rather flat in the challenge .  2 Moores Cloudside  Sunflower., self masked gold with a head to die for,feminine, balanced with chiselling  and lovely eye shape. Good neck and has the angles front and rear to please, firm topline and nice quarters finished off with a ring tail. Moving well and true,just preferred  maturity and body of one .  3  Barley and Franklin Barley`s  Zhivias  Nyght Silhouette making  up a trio of worthy champions   (10 in OB)  Monica C Fairburn