YAHS 2nd World Congress. 20/21st September 2003.

The Venue.

Carlton Towers.

Carlton. Near Goole.



The Speakers.

Betty Stites (U.S.A.), Hazel Arris ( U.K.) Daphne Gie ( Australia),

Martial Robin (France), Roberta Hall ( U.K.),

Dr.Dennis Eschbach ( U.S.A.) Gael Morrison ( R.S.A.).

Yvonne Ljungqvist (Sweden)


With delegates from Belgium, Australia, Switzerland. France, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Norway and the Home Countries, England, Ireland, Scotland , Wales and Southern Ireland,

96 of us gathered at the wonderful Carlton Towers to talk about everyone's favourite subject - AFGHANS!!!!


Do you agree with me???


Rivetting subject - AFGHANS!!!! .

..and thirsty work, especially if you're from South Africa!!!