YAHS 25th Silver Jubilee Championship Show 2007.

Carlton Towers.



Dog Judge: Mr. P.Wright. Bitch Judge:Mrs.V.H.Arris. Referee: Mrs. J.Severn.


~ Thuja All In The Game JW. ShCM (Imp. Ned) ~


~ Nightwind No Woman No Cry Von Harlextan. (Imp)~


~ Sarakhan Swansong~


~ Int/UK/Multi. Ch. Exxos Gameboy At Zharook JW ~


Veteran (6/ 3 Abs.)


1st. Int/UK/Multi. Ch. Exxos Gameboy At Zharook JW

2nd. Allakari Tlingit Sh.CM

3rd. Bondor Back With A Vengeance Sh.CM.


 Minor Puppy Dog ( 2 entries)

1st. Zandahar Vanilla Fudge

2nd. Zandahar Velvet Truffle At Dargai


Puppy Dog ( 5/ 1 Absent. )

1st. Jimelree Night To Remember

2nd. Sarakhan Senator

3rd. Valkor Born To Perform

Res. Sarakhan Shareef


Junior Dog. ( 11 .)

1st.Zhaqqari T'Nage Kicks AI.

2nd.Aramaic Take Me I'm Yours.

3rd. Gezancol Done And Dusted

Res. Wilbus Midas

 VHC. Aramaic Shout To The Top


Yearling Dog ( 9entries./ 1 absent)

 1st. Zhaqqari T'Nage Kicks AI.

2nd. Cloudside Warlord At Karandikar JW

3rd. Alouann Fame N Fortune

Res. Nightwind Nobody But Me To Elangeni (Imp.Deu)

VHC. Khaos Barrenjoey (Imp. Sw)


Novice Dog ( 9 entries )

 1st. Zhaqqari T'Nage Kicks AI.

2nd. Wilbus Midas

3rd. Jimelree Night To Remember

Res. Wilbus Mithras At Kinpaja (NAF)

VHC. Cloudside Match Maker Of Amanrha


Graduate Dog (6 entries)

 1st. Istani Your Love Is King At Zharook JW

2nd. Jodak The Court Jester

3rd. Cloudside Warpaint

Res.Damosil Saeed Of Phinjani

VHC. Maringo Back To Reality



Post Graduate Dog ( 12 entries.)

 1st. Jodak's Body Rocker

2nd. Whats It All About Alfie At Lingarzi

3rd. Zealah Reach For The Stars At Kharavarra

Res. It Had To Be You Kinpaja (NAF TAF)

VHC. Mashaalah Dhoud


Mid Limit Dog (12 entries/1/abs )

 1st. Amudarya Shafayat At Ruannas

2nd. Maringo Name Of The Game

3rd. Firos Torran At Zadal JW

Res. Zanfarzand Kazbah King

VHC. Andizhan Arael At Cadmore JW


 Limit Dog ( 9 entries./3 Absentees)

1st. Saxonmill Sirius

2nd. Saxonmill Rocket Man JW

3rd. Harlextan Majik Mystik

Res. Neliapilan Phelezzi Poppamies At Pashtari JW (Imp)

VHC. Kazzlyn Jus Chillin Sh.CM


Open Dog (12 entries. 2 abs. )

1st. Thuja All In The Game JW Sh.CM. (Imp Ned)

2nd.Ch.Tulak The Patriot At Dargai. Sh.CM

3rd.Ch.Destiny Du Jegdalek Avec Bichoux JW

Res. Int/Lux/Ger.Ch.Jacosta Black In A Flash To Elangeni (Imp. Aus)

VHC. Maringo No More Mr. Nice Guy JW


Dog CC ~ Thuja All In The Game JW Sh.CM. (Imp Ned)

Res.Dog CC ~ Ch.Tulak The Patriot At Dargai. Sh.CM

Best Puppy Dog ~Jimelree Night To Remember.





Veteran Bitch (7/ 3 Absentees)

 1st. Tells Occupy Your Mind. (Imp)

2nd. Ch.Arushkhan Thunder-Storm From Bellapais

3rd. Kazaba Habba Rani.

Res. Araki Pandora's Xotica


Minor Puppy Bitch (0 entries)



Puppy Bitch (6 Entries /1 abs )

 1st.Sarakhan Swansong

2nd. Valkor Pardon Me Boys

3rd. Jimelree Never Say Never At Zharook

Res. Jimelree Molly Maquire At Pahlevi

VHC. Bozwood's Shes The One


  Junior Bitch (4 entries. )

1st.Jahadi Enya At Zubedar

2nd. Cherry Blossom Of Zendushkas

3rd. Aramaic Take On Me

Res. Wilbus Mya At Tulak


Yearling Bitch (3 entries./1 Absent)

1st. Nightwind No Woman No Cry Von Harlextan (Imp)

2nd. Agha Djaris Take My Breath Away Jahera (Imp)


Novice Bitch (6 entries.)

1st. Jahadi Enya At Zubedar

2nd. Sarakhan Sonika

3rd. Cherry Blossom Of Zendushkas

Res. Valkor Pardon Me Boys

VHC. Jimelree Molly Maquire At Pahlevi


Graduate Bitch (7 entries/ 1 abs)

1st. Saxonmill Sun Spot Doll

2nd. Jodak Astra Comical With Tamareesha.

3rd. Maringo Goody Two Shoes At Temenshu.

Res. Drishaun Daisymae At Shimalma JW

VHC. Alouann Moonlight N Roses


Post Graduate Bitch ( 13 entries.3 Absent)

1st. Sashkan Adje Gucci

 2nd. Neliapilan Jaakarinmorsian (Imp)

3rd. Andizhan Arteekah

Res. Saxonmill Star Realta At Cubanba

VHC. Tolah It Had To Be Me


Mid Limit Bitch (12 entries./ 2 abs)

 1st. Arushkhan For Your Eyes Only

2nd. Gardwright Hollywood At Maringo JW

3rd. Alouann Hot N Spicy At Orashan JW

Res. Firos Neave JW

VHC. Jahera Angel Of Mine


Limit Bitch (11 entries. /3 Absent)

1st. Thuja Annie's Song

2nd. Amudarya Shullie

3rd. Saxonmill Star Attraction At Karandikar. JW

Res. Saxonmill Tantomile At Kharabou JW

VHC. Althea Rose From Brandeswood


Open Bitch (7 entries./ 2 Absent)

 1st. Miamarna I'll Fly For You

2nd. Ch Miamarna Mandolin At Ashahni JW

3rd. Storm In A Teacup At Bellapais

Res. Maringo Fun And Games At Gileeze

VHC. Baltoro Crystal Clear At Portianja



Bitch CC ~Nightwind No Woman No Cry Von Harlextan (Imp)

Res CC ~ Miamarna I'll Fly For You

Best Puppy Bitch ~ Sarakhan Swansong