Yorkshire Afghan Hound Society Championship Show Sunday 10th Sept 2017

Thank you to the committee of the YAHS for invitation to judge at this lovely show, I had a lovely day, with a truly lovely entry. The weather was kind to us, albeit cold and windy, the rain held off, Presentation was very good, though I still found a few knots, temperaments were good on the whole, no bad mouths, but plenty of dirty teeth, many exhibits were in soft condition, fronts still need watching, On a positive note I had many lovely bitches and I was spoilt for choice ,thank you all for entering under me,


VB (6) Abs 1

1st CH SHIMALMA MANDARIN MAGIC The most stunning (and she knows it) Self Masked Red with a super head and dark eye, giving a beautiful expression, long neck leading into well laid-back shoulders, topline strong and level, prominent pin bones with correct fall away and well set on ringed tail, well angulated rear, a beautiful outline in profile, didn’t disappoint on the move, long effortless strides with great carriage, shown in gleaming condition BVIS

2nd CH CUBANBA NORTHERN STAR JW, another lovely bitch from the top draw, not the glamour puss of 1 , but a super functional hound, good fore and aft, level topline, she never fails to move and always give her best, carries a few extra pounds, was unlucky to meet 1


MPB No Entries

PB (5) Abs 1

1st AFFIETAR GLEN MAGILLE JW Black with a super heard and dark eye, she has such a wicked expression, good front, and strong topline, she was rather unsettled on the move, though displayed enough of her movement in the class to win today, hope she settles down as she matures BPB

2d SAXONMILL ZAN ZAN Most promising puppy, one who I very much liked, a squarer shape and slightly taller than the winner, had a good head with dark eye, matching front and rear angles, a very close decision,


JB (9) Abs 4

1st POPOVS SAZERAC AT SARAKHAN (Imp. Ned) Bk masked gold with so much to like, balanced head with dark eye, front and rear assembly perfectly matching, level topline which all adds to give a good outline in profile, true coming and going on the move, I am sure it will not be long before she is troubling the best, she is every inch a show girl,

2nd RHAZMAKH TYME ‘N’ TYDE another that I like a lot., very well balanced fore and aft, with strong level topline , good angles front and rear, Just pipped on movement by the winner


YB (5) Abs 1

1st GILARI VERMILLION VENUS JW Shaded gold, with a good head and dark eye, low set ears, strong neck, , good front and rear angulation, giving a balanced outline, plenty of chest room and good spring of ribs,  comes into her own on the move long springy effortless strides

2nd GILARI PRADA ROUGE red, litter sister to the winner, another lovely bitch, has plenty to like, much the same remarks as for her sister, just missed out today as she wasn’t so settled on the move


NB (2) Abs 1

1st SAXONMILL KISS BANG BANG CLENAGH Lovely little bitch who had a change of handler in the class, she looked much more relaxed, has a good front and matching rear. Giving a balanced outline, moved very steady showing an easy open stride with reach and drive

GB (4) Abs 1

1st GILARI CRIMSON MAGIC Shaded gold, sister to 1st and 2nd in yearling , another with a balanced head and dark well shaped eye, good length of neck, well placed shoulders and firm level topline, all flowing together smoothly , free striding movement , such an even litter, the breeder must be very proud

2nd KHASBEK LICENCE TO WIN AT ASHAHNI  Gold, another bitch with lots to like, different in type to winner, nice head, dark well shaped eye, long neck, good front and rear, moves well,


PGB (12) Abs 3

1st DRISHAUN BLACK ROSE AT GOTHIKA JW Highly marked black and tan, nice head with dark eyes, good length of neck in to well laid shoulder, corresponding rear, topline firm and level, correct fall away with ring tail, gives a balanced picture in profile, a real power house on the move which can make her uncoordinated until she is into her stride, then you see her reach and drive

2nd JUST FOR YOU DE KOULANGAR AT CLENAGH JW(Imp. Fr.) Gold , smaller and more compact than 1, feminine head that’s balanced, neck of decent length, her front and rear angulation matches, moves out well


MLB (8) Abs 2

1st. BONDOR A GOLDEN AGE OVER RHAZMAKH JW.ShCM Brindle, she has a feminine head with a dark well shaped eye giving a keen expression, long neck into well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and spring of rib, strong level topline , good rear end, and ring tail, moving or standing her profile doesn’t alter, she is of lovely size and nothing exaggerated, she moves with ease and carries herself well, showing plenty of scope and showmanship, she was presented in tip top coat and

condition, I was very pleased to award her the CC…her 1st, surely her other 2 are not far away, she deserves her crown

2nd. SHIMALMA MIDNIGHT LIAISON  Brindle, so very similar to one , just a tad taller, refined head and eye, balanced all through, good front and rear angulation, another that has that lovely free movement, and everything going for her, showed and moved well and presented to the last hair, 2 lovely bitches who could change places another day, … RCC


LB (7) Abs 4

1st  ALOUANN WISHES N DREAMS, self-masked cream, elegant bitch with nothing to hide, long lean head with dark eye, good neck into a nicely made front , strong level topline , good length from hip to hock , good rear angulation, effortless free flowing movement with plenty of reach and drive

2nd ZILBEC ZILANTHE  self-masked cream similar in type to the winner but heavier coated, another that has lots to offer, everything in the right place, good fore and aft, a great moving bitch but today she couldn’t match the front movement of the winner


OB (11) Abs 0

1st CH SYRDARYA MALTED MILK AT WILBUS JW Shaded Mask Cream, well known winning bitch, who was a pleasure to be able to judge. Lovely head and expression, good length of neck into excellent front assembly with a good depth of chest, well sprung ribs, strong level topline, good rear end, in hard condition, moves with a very easy open stride

2nd CH SYRDARYA CHOCOLATE CHIP AT NUMA sister to winner, shorter coupled than her sister and a little taller, she has a lovely head with good under jaw, dark eye, good front, deep chest with well sprung ribs, lovely sweeping back end, today her sister had the edge on movement


Jo Smith (Judge)