YAHS 10th September 2017

In every judgeís judging career, there is one appointment that stands out from the rest, in prestige, quality of the dogs, friendliness and hospitality . For me that was the YAHS Championship Show. I am indebted to the members and especially to the hard working committee for making my visit to Yorkshire and your wonderful show a treasured memory.

The weather was relatively kind to us, it didnít rain , for which we should all be eternally grateful. Although it was well forecast to rain on our parade, we didnít have to endure wet dogs BUT the wind was biting cold and for this Aussie who feels the cold, it was a Godsend that I had a down jacket that kept me warm. The dogs loved it though, some even just a little too much, but they did have fun.

Temperaments on the whole were mostly good, but there were several dogs that didnít want to have their bites examined, older dogs too which surprised me Ė Itís a matter of training and should be the first thing that any showdog should be taught, to endure having itís bite examined.

I hope that exhibitors and spectators could understand why I placed dogs as I did, and where I placed my hands on examination. I was looking for a balanced dog with good angulation front and rear , proud carriage coupled with good movement with spring. As I expected, heads varied dramatically , there were the heads of the British dogs of old, also very refined heads which in several cases lacked strength of underjaw, and then there were the truly exotic ones, triangular eyes, long and lean heads with beautiful detail. They were in abundance, unlike what people had led me to believe. I loved it.

There were a couple of handler/owner/groomer initiated problems, firstly the tendency to run too fast, losing the natural carriage and spring that the dogs possessed when they were moved at a moderate speed, and stringing the dogs up and not letting them carry themselves naturally. Then there was the trimming. Not many were over groomed but some were done fairly badly. My mantra is, if you are going to trim, it mustnít be obvious and not done with a set of clippers !! And there were a few who had had their faces in the dinner bowl a little too often, losing that typical Afghan topline and angular look. Of all the Sighthounds, the angular topline is unique to our breed and without it - the hard topline, prominent hip bones and fall away to correct set of tail - we lose some of our breed type.

My last trip to the UK was for Crufts 2006 and I think right now, with what was presented to me at this show, there is bigger variation in style than I saw 11 years ago. Is this a good thing ? Only the UK breeders can know what the future will bring and it depends on judicious selection. Itís up to you to do what you do with what you have !

I thank all of the exhibitors for their courteous sportsmanship, remember that my opinion is only one of many and there is always another show on another day.

Class 1 Veteran Dog

1st. 107 Ch Shimalma Colour Of Magic

A substantial B/T who gave a lovely outline stacked, with good angulation front and rear with a long neck into clean shoulders, pleasing croup and tail set with a ring tail. A very pleasing head and expression with great length and beautiful eye shape. He gave enough of himself in movement, showing good reach and drive with good spring and holding his shape that he displayed on the stack.

2nd. 93 Pashtari The Priest Of Love

B/M sabled red. This dog was most impressive when he moved, rather lightly coated and not a thing to hide. Short back, high on leg and moderate in angulation, excellent topline, prominent hip bones and light on his feet. I could see this dog in the field doing what he was bred for. A head that was much stronger than the first placed dog but still correct in shape.


Class 3. Puppy Dog

1st. 1 Karagez Tame The World

Oustanding B/Brindle youngster who has a very ďkinglyĒ look to him when he collects himself. Lovely balance, length to height ratio, strong topline, with perhaps the best head in the whole entry. A beautiful, exotic head, long and lean, with the smallest dark triangular eyes, and already displaying the detailing that we expect to see at a later age. Movement was powerful, ground covering, balanced reach and drive with good spring and ended in a perfect ring tail carried in the right position. Would I change anything about him ? Maybe make him a little smaller. He has a great future ahead of him, itís up to his handler to learn the ropes and bring him to his full potential.


2nd. 78 Affietar Glen Maragan

Another great puppy and under another judge on another day I could see the tables turned between these two. A B/M sabled gold, this boy also had the attributes of the class winner, with nice balance, strong topline and very good movement, finished off with that lovely ringed tail. Although his head is correct in shape and he has a good eye shape, I would have preferred a little more refinement and a little more confident temperament.


Class 4 Junior Dog

1st 78 Affietar Glen Maragan

Repeat entry from Puppy dog class.

2nd. 138 Pashtari Lord Tennyson

B/T with a pleasing outline and movement, with good croup and tail set andholds a good topline on the move. Much older than the class winner but did not have the head qualities or was as sound as the youngster.



Class 5. Yearling Dog

1st. 7 Pashtari Lord Byron

A littermate of the 2nd place in the previous class. B/T of moderate size, who has good balance, topline detail showing prominent hip bones with a nice fall away to set on of tail which is finished with a lovely ring. He moves with power, very good reach and drive and retains his shape on the move, but is inclined at times to run a little high in rear.

2nd. Thendara Love It Like That JW

I loved this dogís raw look with his traditional coat pattern, lightly coated that showed off his attributes. He has a long lean eleganthead with good expression. Nicely balanced and carried a hard topline when moving. He didnít use himself as well as his structure promised but perhaps a different handling technique might improve that.


Class 6 Novice Dog

1st. Karagez Tame The World (Also 1st in Puppy Dog class)

2nd.. Istani Ralph Lauren

On first approach this dog appeared to be rather shy but what I wasnít prepared for was the bear hug and the kiss on the face. What a delight. A B/m gold who was a little long for me, but had good angles and a strong topline, croup and tail set was also pleasing. Not sure if the extra lift that he had in front when moving was because he was having a great time !


Class 7 Graduate Dog

1st. Drishaun Black And Tan Rebel

Obviously B/t as his name suggests. Tall, leggy and short backed and he used everything that he had on the move covering the ground very well with lovely carriage, and great length of stride. Lovely topline detail, strong top, prominent hip bones and nice fall away to a ring tail.

2nd. Shimalma Rum Runner

B/M red brindle. I would like to see this dog after a month at boot camp. He was too soft in condition and it impacted on several aspects. Although he has a really nice shape, balanced angles, good croup and tail set, he was sagging in the topline and his hip bones had gone on holiday. In movement he had good reach and drive, but his carriage and topline could have been better.


Class 8. Post Graduate Dog

This was one of the more difficult classes that I judged, on another day I may reverse the placings.

1st. Drishaun It Ainít What You Do

Masculine red, tall boy with excellent topline, croup and tailset, long legged. He used everything he possessed when he moved, showing very good reach and drive with nice spring. He held his shape when moving and that is what won him the class. His head is not to my taste , rather too heavy in skull and he could do with less stop.

2nd. Gezancol Strike A Light At Zadal JW

B/m gold of moderate size. Excellent angles, good topline, croup and tail set with a ring tail. I would prefer more length of leg to balance. Attractive headpiece with particularly good underjaw. His handler should move him at a slower pace so that he can collect himself and improve his carriage. As he slowed down, this aspect improved. I would , however like to see more extension in movement. Rather enthusiastically trimmed.


Class 9. Mid Limit Dog

1st. 36 Thendara Fait Accompli

This (barely) B/Brindle caught my eye as soon as he came in the ring.Ideal outline, lovely topline detail, croup, tailset and ring tail. I was pleased to find such a lovely head with excellent eye shape and strong underjaw. In movement, he carried himself well, with good reach and drive with spring. Another who had that ďkinglyĒ look.

2nd. Khamis Pacific Tiger

B/M Red Brindle. Appealing outline, with good angles, strong topline and topline detail. A nicely balanced head with good length of foreface. In movement , he carried himself well, with sufficient reach and drive but not quite the extension of the first placed dog.


Class 10. Limit Dog

Another difficult class and it came to splitting hairs between the first two places.

1st. Saxonmill Rum Tum Ricochet JW

B/Brindle. So nice to see a dog of moderate size that still has the substance and strength in a smaller package. Pleasing outline with good topline detail and a long neck. He is masculine even though smaller, with a long head with a strong underjaw. He carries himself very well,loose lead, long strides and nice spring.

2nd. Agha Djaris Lonesome Cowboy

B/M Brindle. Large dog who is very imposing when standing still. Nicely angled front and rear with a strong topline, ring tail but I would like a better fall away. Great length of head , lovely expression, but I would like more strength of underjaw and general strength in head to match the size of the dog. In movement, when run on a tight lead, he was most impressive with good reach and drive and holding his shape with a strong topline. When moved on a loose lead, he didnít carry himself as well. I would prefer a more confident temperament.


Class 11. Open Dog

What a class !!! Spoilt for choice, I cut the class to seven and any one of them on another day could have been a winner.

1st. 6 Eyes Gazing You Talkiní To Me

B/M Brindle. A ďkinglyĒ one, impressive right from the time he led the class into the ring.Ideal mid standard size, with strength and elegance, the elusive combination with that indefinable arrogance that is so hard to find. Masculine headpiece, with good length and strength of muzzle and the darkest of correct shaped eyes. Short backed, strong topline with ideal croup angle and properly set ringed tail. Prominent hip bones finished the picture. Excellent movement with easy springing strides and excellent carriage.


2nd. 103 Ch Cloudside Music Master

Another B/M brindle, also of ideal mid standard size. This fellow carried most of the attributes that the winner had , strong top, correct topline detail, ring tail, excellent movement, in fact probably slightly more extension than the winner but not quite the carriage. His head didnít have quite as much length as the winner but is certainly an excellent head. I could have been forgiven for thinking that these two dogs werebrothers, but they are from vastly different pedigrees !! A great contest between the two.



I would like to thank my Co-judge , Jo Smith, for the opportunity to share the final decisions. We were in agreement (as you all know as there was no need for a referee) on the final winners.