Yorkshire Afghan Hound Society

Special Award Classes – 27/02/2022

My thanks to the YAHS for inviting me to judge three Special Award Classes on completion of their Open Show and to the exhibitors who entered some lovely hounds.

Special Award P. D/B (0)

Special Award P.G.D/B (3) 1st. Moyes & Lockett-Davies’ Bryelis Rebel Heart. JW. Nicely balanced black and tan 3yr old with masculine head, dark eye and powerful jaw. Good strong length of neck into nicely placed shoulders and correspondingly good return of upper arm. Good length of ribbing and well angulated rear quarters. Moved out with good drive and correct springy gait. 2nd. Kirk-Vickers Geordele Time To Shine at Istani. 14 month black and tan youngster with nice feminine head, dark eye, good length of neck and well angulated front, good length of ribbing and good rear angulation. 3rd. Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Medawlark Attitude is Key The Wones Thendara.

Special Award O. D/B (5.2)1st. Vowles’ Neytiri De Koulangar With Azmari (Imp Fra). JW. Beautifully presented black masked gold 4 yr old bitch with lovely head, correct eye and oriental expression. Strong neck into good front construction, well placed shoulders, good ribbing, strong loin and good rear drive, and ringed tail. 2nd. Lockett-Davies & Thomson & Truckle’s Rhazmakh Tyme’N’Tyde JW. Gold 5yr old bitch. Another lovely exhibit. Feminine balanced head, good length of neck, sound construction throughout. Good ribbing, nicely presented coat and good feet. Quite a handful and not too settled in this small hall. 3rd. Wagett & Wilkinson’s Saxonmill Kiss Bang Bang Clenagh JW.