February Open Show 2002


BIS~ Cloudside Black Label At Pashtari (owned by Mr.Mrs.Bloor)

(Sashkan The Hijacker ex Ch.Kharisar Rhia at Cloudside)

RBIS & BOS ~Aramaic Orson Wells (owned by Mr.Mrs.Kidd)

(Kalahari Rainbow Quest ex Sashkan Diamond in the Dark)

BPIS~Maringo Name of the Game (owned by Mr.Mrs.Wynne)

(Ch.Exxos Gameboy at Zharook J.W. ex Maringo Calamity Jane)

The YAHS held an Open Show in Sheffield on Sunday 10th of February. My thanks must go to the Secretary and Committee for inviting me to judge and providing such good hospitality. Also a special thank you to both of my excellent stewards and to all exhibitors for bringing such a variety of lovely hounds for me to judge and for accepting my decisions with such good sportsmanship. My disappointment of the day was the number of coarse heads with red third eyelids, which so detract from the expression.

1.Veteran Dog/Bitch (2 entries)

1st.Zamora Beauty

2nd.Caldaykaa Miami Splash over Shimalma

2 lovely bitches shown in good condition and moving soundly, just preferred the head and expression of 1.

2. Minor Puppy Dog. (1 entry)

1st.Sanstas Hell N High Water at Grenowood

Black and cream dog with an attractive head and expression. I particularly liked his houndy shape and rear angulation.

3.Puppy Dog. (3 entries. 1 absent)

1st.Maringo Name of the Game. Black and cream 10 month puppy, great outline, good fallaway, ring tail. Loved his head and beautiful expression, moved soundly, BPIS.

2nd. Sanstas Hell N High Water at Grenowood

4.Junior Dog. (2 entries)

1st. Shenshah Sergeant Pepper. Under a profuse gold coat there is a well balanced hound who moves soundly and with great drive - when he settles! I liked him very much.

2nd. Arushkhan Just One Look

5. Special Yearling Dog. (4 entries. 1 absent)

1st. Sanstas Northern Dancer. Three very different dogs to choose from here. 1st is a brindle who moved well, a little longer than the other 2. A masculine, but not coarse head, level topline and ring tail.

2nd. Drishaun D'Lucien

3rd.Jalhar Lady Killer

6.Maiden Dog ( No entries)

7. Novice Dog (2 entries)

1st.Shenshah Sergeant Pepper

2nd. Arushkhan Just One Look

8.Graduate Dog. ( 8 entries. 2 absent)

1st. Ishlan Asha. Black and cream dog in good condition and presented well. Looked good standing and moved well to win this strong class.

2nd.Phelezzi Phoenix at Amariz

3rd. Indira Mythical King

Res. Jascarah Tbmujin of Phinjani J.W.

VHC. Tico Fig Jal with Alouann

9.Post Graduate Dog. ( 1 entry)

1st. Aramaic Orson Wells. Black and cream profusely coated dog, wonderful shape - longest of necks and great angulation. Masculine head, good expression with well shaped dark eyes. Best Dog and RBIS.

10. Limit Dog. ( 3 entries)

The hardest decisions to make here - 3 beautiful Afghans.

1st. Shimalma Cactus Jack. Shaded masked gold, slightly longer than 2 and 3: and finer thoughout, but still masculine, the most beautiful head and eye, elegant neck, level topline, good fallaway and tail set. RBD.

2nd. Drishaun Ice If You Can Get It

3rd.Drishaun Have an 'Ice Day

11. Open Dog ( 3 entries. 1 absent)

1st. Drishaun D'Linquent. Black masked gold, a favourite of mine - beautiful head and shape, gleaming coat presented immaculately: showed well in his class.

2nd.Tokando the Desperado

Best Dog ~ Aramaic Orson Wells. R.B.Dog ~ Shimalma Cactus Jack.

Best Puppy Dog ~ Maringo Name of the Game.

12.Minor Puppy Bitch. ( 2 entries. 1 absent)

1st.Shechem Eastern Mystique. Black masked gold, a very raw baby of just 6 months. Well angulated and showed really well for one so young!

13. Puppy Bitch. (5 entries. 2 absent)

1st. Harlextan Majik Moment at Lazakhan. Shaded masked gold, balanced bitch, not overly exagerated. Loved her long, lean head and feminine expression, moved well.

2nd. Maringo Fun and Games at Gileeze

3rd. Shechem Eastern Mystique

14.Junior Bitch. ( 3 entries.)

1st. Shenshah Top Totty. Litter sister to Junior Dog winner. A close decision between 1 and 2 both are well balanced feminine bitches who moved soundly, just preferred the shape of 1.

2nd. Arushkhan Saint She Aint to Andizhan

3rd. Shechem Eastern Mystique

15. Special Yearling Bitch (6 entries.2 absent)

1st.Jalhar Leading Lady with Azmari. Black masked cream: huge coat with a deep saddle - faultless presentation, shorter than 2 but still well balanced both standing and on the move - very feminine.

2nd.Harlextan The Diva

3rd.Shenshah Never Say Never

Res.Arushkhan Saint She Aint to Andizhan

16. Maiden Bitch ( No entries)

17. Novice Bitch. ( 2 entries. 1 absent)

1st. Harlextan Majik Moment at Lazakhan

18. Graduate Bitch ( 4 entries. 1 absent)

1st. Khandu Sorrento.Hard to choose between 1 and 2 both lovely bitches. 1 was a very feminine black with chiselling and the darkest of eyes. Really good extension on the move.RBB.

2nd. Black Rose

3rd. Bondor I Put A Spell On You at Karandikar

19.Post Graduate Bitch ( 3 entries. 2 absent)

1st. Zushkhan En Vogue.Black and cream with a really feminine head and expression. Quite long, well angulated and moved nicely.

20. Limit Bitch ( 4 entries. 2 absent)

1st.Zushkhan Jodeci. Shaded masked gold with a deep red saddle and long silky coat. Heavier head than 2 but really strode round the ring, in good condition.

2nd. Araki Pandora's Xotica

21. Open Bitch. ( 3 entries. 1 complimentary)

1st. Cloudside Black Label at Pashtari. Most beautiful black and silver, a top quality feminine bitch with a long shining silky coat, gorgeous shape standing and moved effortlessly round the ring. Shown in great condition, delighted to award her BB & BIS.

2nd. Zamora Beauty

Best Bitch ~ Cloudside Black Label at Pashtari. R.B.Bitch ~ Khandu Sorrento

Best Puppy Bitch ~Harlextan Majik Moment at Lazakhan