4th January 2020


I thoroughly enjoyed judging the entry at the YAHS Open show. This is a club with which I feel many years of connection and I thank the officers and committee of the YAHS for this invitation. It was a really good quality entry, particularly in the dogs, and I could imagine that many of the entry have been well placed at championship shows. There were only 2 absentees throughout the day! Grateful thanks too, to my stewards Tanya and Becca.



Veteran Dog or Bitch (0 Entries)


Minor Puppy Dog (2 Entries)

1st & BPD & Res BPIS Pascoes Popovs Aladdin at Sarakhan (Imp Nld)

This 8 month old black masked gold dog, with a face full of monkey whiskers, has a great deal to like about him. Lovely head and expression. Super front assembly with a good lay back of shoulder and an excellent return of upper arm. Good spring of rib and depth of chest. Plenty of length from hip to hock. Good tail set, but his enthusiasm meant that he just carried it just a little high on the move.


2nd Moores Way Up To Cloudside

This 7 months black and brindle boy is still very much a baby.  He has a beautiful head on him. Super eye shape and expression. Good spring of rib and correct length of loin. Excellent topline. Good fall away, lovely tail set with a super ring in his tail. Good rear quarters. Short hocks. Nice feet. Moved well.


Puppy Dog (2 Entries)

1st  Pascoes Popovs Aladdin at Sarakhan (Imp Nld)



2nd Moores Way Up To Cloudside




Junior Dog (0 Entries)


Yearling Dog (2 Entries)

1st  & Res BD & Res BIS Thompsons Drishaun The Vampire Lily Via Gothika JW

Beautifully balanced black masked gold boy. All male and of excellent quality.  Well angulated front and rear. Good depth of chest. Correct short, strong loin. Super topline with prominent pin bones. Big feet, Short hocks. Ringed tail. Moved with drive from behind and with reachy front extension. Sound as a pound. In great coat and condition. Has a very promising future and today just couldn’t be denied his Reserve BIS!


2nd Mitchell & Smithsons Zandahar Xplosive Storm

This young male was built on similar lines to 1st. Just a shade taller. Balanced head. Very shapely throughout with excellent front angulation. Good spring of rib and excellent depth to his chest. Good top line and well set on tail. Moved well but wasn’t quite so comfortable on the floor as the winner.


Maiden Dog (0 Entries)


Novice Dog (0 Entries)


Graduate Dog (1 Entry)

1st Roper & Moores Never Say Never De-Koulanger at Temenshu

Black masked gold dog with a pleasing eye shape and well balanced head with strong underjaw. Good length of neck set into well-placed shoulders. Good spring of rib. Short loin. Ringed tail. Moved well.


Post Graduate Dog (2 Entries)

1st Drages Gilari Rosso Corsa

Self masked gold dog. Pleasing outline. Good angulation front and rear. Good spring of rib and depth of chest. Correct topline with well angulated fallaway. Good sized feet. Moved quite well.


2nd Cullens Khamis Aequitas at Eweyisska

I have judged this self masked cream before. Balanced head. Good length through the ribcage. Short coupled. Plenty of length from hip to hock.  Short hocks. Prominent pin bones. He has a good ring in his tail.



Limit Dog (1 Entries)

1st Halls Saxonmill Burr Burr at Garamond

Strong black and silver male with a lovely eye shape. Well balanced. Good angulation front and rear. Good pasterns. Well sprung through the ribcage and correct depth of chest. Short hocks. Nice feet. In super coat and condition. Maintained his top line on the move.  Good drive from behind and front extension.


Open Dog (3 Entries)

1st  & BD & BIS Bloors Pashtari Lord Byron

This was my star of the day. This black and brindle boy was quality from the tip of his masculine nose to the end of his beautiful ringed tail. My hands flowed from his head, down his neck, over his shoulders, along his top line and over his pin bones. He has super front angulation with a great return of upper arm. Correct pasterns and feet. Great length from hip to hock. Loved his head and expression and he moved as an Afghan should. I loved him and was delighted to take him through to BIS.


2nd Cullens Syrdarya Toffy Pop at Eweyisska

Have judged this lad before and I still like him! Dark brindle with a classic outline. Good head and expression. Long neck well set into a good layback of shoulder. Excellent topline leading into a super fallaway with well set on ringed tail. Moved well in profile and sound as a bell.


3rd Winters Garamond Cloudberry for Tokando



Minor Puppy Bitch (0 Entries)


Puppy Bitch (2 Entries)

1st  & BPB & BPIS Bastows Cloudside Muineira To Karandikar (AI)

Not much between these two lovely black and brindle litter sisters and I’m sure that they will change places many times as they mature. At the moment the winner just has the edge on the development and use of her front angulation. She is very composed. They both have very pretty, well balanced feminine heads with super expressions and eye shape. Good length of neck. Both are well balanced with good spring and depth to their ribcages. Good angulation throughout. Super toplines and excellent nicely ringed tail sets. Stars of the future!  This classy baby just had to go on to BPIS.


2nd Cullens Cloudside Villana at Eweyisska (AI)

See above - Once this baby learns how to use herself and her lovely conformation correctly, she will trouble the best. She has come on a great deal since I last judged her. So little between them!


Junior Bitch (0 Entries)


Yearling Bitch (0 Entries)


Maiden Bitch (0 Entries)


Novice Bitch (1 Entry)

1st Cullens Cloudside Sevillana at Eweyisska (AI)



Graduate Bitch (1 Entry)

1st Humphreys Joneca Eternal Flame

Shaded masked gold girl. Feminine and of a nice size. Dark, triangular eye set into an elegant well shaped head. Balanced through her body shape. Well angulated upper arm. Correct pasterns. Good rear angulation. Short hocks. Ringed tail. When she stacked herself, she was foursquare and her topline was improved. Moved well.



Post Graduate Bitch (3 Entries)

1st  & Res BB Bloors Pashtari Lady Cavendish JW

This quality girl is a feminine version of her litter brother, today’s BIS winner, with almost all of the same attributes. I loved her head, eye shape and expression.  She was presented (as was her brother) in super coat although not quite as comfortable moving on the floor as her brother, she still did enough to take reserve Best Bitch. Top drawer!


2nd Lockett-Davies, Truckle & Thomsons Rhazmakh Rhyme ‘N’ Tyme

Self masked gold, with a very clear outline because of her coat pattern. Perfectly balanced feminine head. Good neck flowing through to an excellent topline and fallaway. Slightly taller and more open in her angles than the winner, but all girl! Moved well.


3rd Humphreys Ayoubkhan Blue Rose



Limit Bitch (3 Entries – 2 Abs)

1st  & BB & BOS Newtons Shimalma Midnight Liaison

Well made brindle girl with beautiful neck and shoulders. The coat on her foreface can make her look as though she is lacking in stop, but up close you discover that this is not the case. Her head is well balanced and she has a good shape to her eye.  Lovely angulation beneath her beautifully presented coat. Good fallaway and tail set. Her ringed tail completed the picture. Excellent topline which she held both on the move and when static, and this was the deciding factor for Best Bitch.


Open Bitch (0 Entries)



Judge Ann Beckett-Bradshaw (Hutaka)