November Open Show - 11.11.01.

Judge: Mrs.J.Noble (Bichoux)


Shimalma Cactus Jack -(owned by Mrs.Newton)

(Bellapais Grand Finale ex Caldaykaa Miami Splash over Shimalma)


Khardains Midnite Romance - (owned by Mr.Mrs.Crack)

(Ch.Saxonmill Bustopher Jones ex Tokando Midnight Flyer to Khardains)


Maringo No More Mr. Nice Guy - (owned by Fillis-Moon/Moon)

(Ch.Exxos Gameboy at Zharook imp ex Maringo Calamity Jane)

Exactly 20 years ago I exhibited for the first time at this Society's show at the Corn Exchange in Leeds. Little did I know then that many years later I would have my first breed club appointment with the same society.

Veteran Dog or Bitch (4 entries/1 abs)

1st. Drishaun Dorchaida For Delria Gold, shaded mask, on good form really enjoyed his day out. Moved well, still holding his topline . Well presented.

2nd. Zharook Follower Of Fashion At Gileeze. Red. Old favourite of mine now almost 11 and still strutting his stuff. Close decision with one, just preferred head and expression on 1st.

3rd.Sanomyca Tiger Bay

Minor Puppy Dog (2 entries/1 abs)

1st. Maringo No More Mr.Nice Guy. Black. This pup stole my heart, I thought him stunning. Long lean head with dark eyes, wicked expression. Long neck into excellent front assembly. Good length and depth. Lovely to feel food body on a baby. Excellent rear quarters. Finished with a well set ring tail. His movement was a joy, good extension and that all important spring. A star of the future. BPIS.

Puppy Dog (1)

1st.Tulak The Fugitive. Gold, black mask.Tall boy needing to fill his frame. Adequate front assembly, good depth of chest, nice rear. Would prefer more extension on the move. Handler needs more practice.

Junior Dog ( 4 entries/3 abs)

1st.Shenshah Sergeant Pepper. Gold. Another tall boy. Beautiful head, shoulders O.K., would like better return of upper arm, deep chest, short loin, well angulated rear. Tail had a mind of its own. Led his handler a merry dance, what a handful.

Sp.Yearling Dog (2 entries/1 abs)

1st. Drishaun D'Lucien. Red. Nice head, long neck leading into excellent front assembly, very well balanced dog, moved with verve. Reminded me very much of his sire.

Maiden Dog ( 2 entries)

1st.Drishaun D'Lucien

2nd. Shenshah Sergeant Pepper

Novice Dog (2 entries/1 abs)

1st.Drishaun D'Lucien

Undergraduate Dog (3 entries/2 abs)

1st.Drishaun D'Lucien

Graduate Dog (2 entries/1 abs)

1st. Rhazmakh Strikes Back. Red. Have judged him before. Today he was not happy and did not relax. Lovely head and expression,good neck, shoulders and return. Excellent depth of chest and spring of rib. Good length from hip to hock, ring tail.

Post Graduate Dog (5 entries/2 abs)

1st. Drishaun Ice If You Can Get It. Brindle. A real favourite of mine, but another who did not relax and enjoy it today. Big dog, but well proportioned, long lean head, dark eye, longest of necks into excellent shoulders, front legs well under his body, great depth,strong loin,powerful hind quarters.His ground covering movement is breathtaking but would not raise his tail and in the challenge tended to drop his back end. What a pity.

2nd. Nank Freecloud Giotto. Cream, with deep red saddle. Lovely dog, unfortunate to meet one. Good head and eye, super front, well balanced all round. Moved well.

3rd.Aramaic Orson Wells

Mid Limit Dog (2 entries/1 abs)

1st.Shaimalma Cactus Jack. Shaded masked red. Today was his day he really sparkled. Long lean head with chiselling, long neck into excellent shoulders, good return, good depth and spring of rib, strong loin, excellent topline, great length from hip to hock. Presented in lovely bloom. Moved with aplomb really enjoying himself.BD.BIS.

Limit Dog (4 entries/1 abs)

1st. Maringo Buster Keaton. Red. Head to die for, long and lean with a good expression. Good front assembly, nice depth, well angulated rear, ring tail. Moved very well once he settled, very nice dog.

2nd.Zharook Heaven Forbid. Red. Nice head, long neck, front OK., good rear quarters, tended to drop his topline standing but OK on the move.

3rd. Normarand Rhyme And Reason

Open Dog (1)

1st.Tokando On The Border. Black. Long, lean head with good dark eye. Long neck, shoulders OK, would prefer a little more width in front. Deep chest, strong loin, excellent rear end and ring tail. In excellent condition, coat immaculate.

Best Dog : Shimalma Cactus Jack. R.Best Dog : Maringo Buster Keaton.

Best Puppy Dog : Maringo No More Mr. Nice Guy.

Minor Puppy Bitch (3 entries/1 abs)

1st. Maringo Stop Her On Sight. Black. Another super pup from this kennel. Feminine head, excellent front with good return, well angulated rear, ring tail. Moved very well with a good stride. BPB

2nd. Maringo Fun And Games At Gileeze. Black litter sister to 1st. I actually preferred her head, but not so good in front. Looks slightly leggy at this stage, but balanced front and rear. Again she had that super springy ground covering movement.

Puppy Bitch (1)

1st.Arushkhan Saint She Aint To Andizhan. Gold. Head OK. Needs to refine, good expression, chest needs to drop, this should come with maturity. Moved well tail held correctly.Should finish well.

Junior Bitch (3)

1st. Khandu Sorrento (imp). Black. Most beautiful head and expression. Long neck leading to good front assembly, chest needs to drop slightly, excellent rear, well set ring tail. Powerful, ground covering movement. With maturity, she should go far I liked her very much.

2nd. Arushkhan Saint She Aint To Andizhan

3rd.Harlextan The Diva

Sp.Yearling Bitch (4 entries/2 abs)

1st. Drishaun D'Lucille. Gold, self mask. Head OK., long neck excellent front assembly, good depth and spring of rib,short loin, good length from hip to hock. Rather steep in croup. Moved well and presented to perfection.

2nd. Khardains Midnight Silk J.W. Black. Head a litle strong, nice expression, good shoulders and return, could carry a little more weight to advantage. Super rear quarters, sluggish on the move, she still covered the ground. Nice bitch.

Maiden Bitch (0)

Novice Bitch (1)

1st.Drishaun D'Lucille

Undergraduate Bitch (3 entries/1abs)

1st. Khardains Midnite Romance. Black. Long lean foreface, dark eye., long neck, excellent front assembly, good depth and spring of rib, good length from hip to short hock. Very balance and on the move she came to life with long powerful strides, head held high.BB.RBIS.

2nd. Drishaun D'Lucille

Graduate Bitch (3 entries/2 abs)

1st.Rhazmakh Simply Irresistable For Delria. Gold. Feminine head, good length of neck, shoulders OK, would prefer more return of upper arm. Still rather immature in body, typical of these lines, needs to fill out. Well angulated rear. Well set ring tail. Moved OK tending to roach her back slightly, I put that down to over exuberance.

Post Graduate Bitch (4)

1st. Nanak Freecloud Firenze. Brindle. Keen expression, good shoulders and spring of rib. Would prefer more defined fallaway, but tail set OK. She won this class on her super movement.

2nd. Drishaun Davina. Red. Very much my type. Stunning head, good all round conformation, presented well. Just lost out in movement to 1st.

3rd. Black Rose

Res. Kirghiz Korinada Kate

Mid Limit Bitch (4 entries/1 abs)

1st. Drishaun Icely Does It. Brindle. This bitch is beautifully built her balanced conformation and super movement gave her the class. Just wish there was less of her all round. Presented to perfection.

2nd. Bondor Marguerita Time. Gold. A bitch I have done well for in the past, today she decided to be a proper madam and refused to co-operate. She earned this place on her lovely conformation.

3rd. Zushkhan Jodeci

Limit Bitch (3)

1st. Araki Pandora's Xotica. Gold. Feminine head, would prefer better eye shap, long neck, balanced front and rear. Rather round over croup. Moved very well.

2nd. Zaimana Cherished Heaven at Gileeze. Black. Balanced front and rear, sweet head, a little longer in body than I prefer, showing her age a little on the move, have seen her go better.

3rd. Zushkhan En Vogue

Open Bitch (3)

1st. Cloudside Black Label At Pashtari. Black. One I have admired from the ringside. Feminine head, perhaps a shade plain. Long neck into excellent shoulders. Good return, deep well sprung chest, strong loin, good length from hip to hock,well set ring tail. Would ideally prefer a little less of her all round. She won this class on her excellent shape and super movement. RBB.

2nd. Firos Destiny From Khardains. Black. Long refined head, long neck, adequate shoulders, good return of upper arm, deep chest, well angulated rear. In excellent condition. Tended to throw her front about on the move,preferred shoulders on 1st. A very nice class.

3rd. Zamora Beauty

Best Bitch: Khardains Midnite Romance. R.Best Bitch : Cloudside Black Label At Pashtari

Best Puppy Bitch : Maringo Stop Her On Sight.

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